Combat Zone Q&A

I've noticed a few page hits from people who've been searching questions on Google about Combat Zone. I'll answer them here. If you have anything else to ask, leave a comment!

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Q: How do I get my soldiers back to camp?
A: Click on "load target" next to your camp on the Territory screen, just like you'd do for any other battlefield or resource. Then, click "move out" next to where you want to move them from. If your soldiers are in a different territory, you have to click on the tab named "Pull Out" in the bottom-right corner of the screen where your troops are displayed. You need an airbase to do this.

Q: How do I invite friends?
A: At the bottom of the "Company" page, there's the standard Facebook "invite friends" box.

Q: How do I add friends to my alliance?
A: They'll have to apply to your alliance themselves, and await confirmation from the alliance leader.

Q: How do I make nukes?
A: Nukes are a SpecOps mission, but in order to nuke, you must research the Physics Lab and Missile Silo in the Camp page. Your camp must be at least level 4. To nuke someone, click on their name above their camp to bring up their "Strategic Intelligence Report". Click on SpecOps in the bottom-left corner, and then "Drop the A-Bomb" on the SpecOps page.